AMU-Vest in English

AMU-Vest, Spangsbjerg Møllevej 304, 6705 Esbjerg Ø.
We can assist you in the sign up for the different courses. If you give us a call at 7914 0322 or write us an email and send it to costumer service is ready to assist.
If you are not registered as resident in the Civil Registration System (CPR) in Denmark, you must declare that you have real and actual employment in Denmark.

You can find the forms under the menu 'Forms' to the left. 
If you are prevented from attending your course, it is important that you cancel as soon as possible. Cancelling can be done either by calling us on 7914 0322 or by sending an e-mail to
If you fall ill during your stay, or cannot take part in the lectures, let the course secretary know, no later than 09.00 at 7914 0322.
Monday - Friday 08.00-15.24
There is parkings lots at Spangsbjerg Møllevej 306 as well as by the entrance at Ravnevej 9. Parking for handicapped and guests must be kept free for this. Chargingstands are found by Ravnevej 9.
Bus 16 goes from the train station to the school.
At AMU-Vest, you are not allowed to smoke on our grounds or during school hours. By repeated infringements, expulsion can lead to expulsion.
Possesion will lead to expulsion. Tests can be done randomly.
Wardrobes are put available. You must bring your own padlock. The school does not provide compensation in the event of theft.
If it is necessary to use workwear, safetywear- and/or safetyshoes, you must bring these yourselves.
A digital diploma is issued and sent via e-boks within 10 days after the course is passed.
We have a canteen with a varied selection of hot and cold dishes and we can help with accommodation in connection with courses. 

You can pay by cash or card.  The opening hours are:
  • 07.30-08.00
  • 09.00-10.00
  • 11.30-12.30
  • 13.30-14.00 
VEU-compensation – VEU-godtgørelse
If you are under employment, you can apply for salary-compensation at

If you live more than 60 km. from the school, you can apply for accommodation. We will be able to assist you finding accommodation.

If you are employed, you can collect funding. The terms are:
  • VEU-compensation is 100% of the highest unemployment benefit rate.
  • Complete own contribution If you have a shorter/higher education.
  • Transportation subsidy is 1,00 per. day, if you have more than 24 km. to the school. 
  • Subsidies for the accommodation is 500 per day.
The participation fees are:
  • For professional courses                  126 per day
  • For IT courses                                  190 per day
  • For personal development courses 190 per day
The fees will not be charged, if you are entitled to unemployment benefits with right to 6 weeks of self chosen education.

Cancellation fee
If a cancellation is in later than a week before start of the course, the fees are:
  • 1.500 for courses up to 37 lessons
  • 2.500 for courses with more than 37 lessons 
If one does not show up for the first day of the course, the fees are:
  • 2.500 for courses up to 37 lessons
  • 3.500 for courses up to 37 lessons
Can an exemption be rightfully be proven, there will not be any fee.

If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to give a call at Customer Service at 7914 0322. 
Your preferred accomodationcan be partly or entirely occupied during the course. If so, you will be accomodated at a different accomodation for the entire period of the course.
It is not possible to change accomodation, when you have recieved the confirmation.  

Søvej 2, 6700 Esbjerg, tlf. 7512 6464
Check in before 11.00 pm. Check in Sunday between 7.00-11.00 pm

The stay includes breakfast and dinner, at a cost at 100 pr. day. If you are unemployed and assigned through the Job Centre, it is free.

Hermitage is placed in a scenic area near Vognsbølparken. All rooms are functionally decorated and equiped with own shower and toilet, TV and wireless internet. Smoking is not allowed in any rooms and common areas. The commen areas holds plenty of activities.  
There is free coffee and tea in the restaurant until 10.30 pm..
Hotel Cabinn
Skolegade 14, 6700 Esbjerg, tlf. 7518 1600

Check in 24/7

Breakfast is included. If you are unemployed and assigned through the Job Centre, breakfast and dinner is free.

Cabinn is located centrally in Esbjerg city just 50 m. from the shoppingstreet, close to the harbour and parks. The citycentre holds plenty of cafés, bars etc. The commen area at Cabinn holds plenty of activities such as pool, foosball, dart and TV. Accomodation is in singlerooms.
There is a direct busline to the school 20 m. from the hotel. 
Customer Service makes the reservations at 7914 0322 or by email to The email must have:
  • Name
  • Name of the course and dates
  • Which day you wish to arrive – the day of or the day before.
The confirmation will be send by e-boks and this must be shown upon arrival to the accommodation.

Need to know regarding the accommodation
  • You must cancel the reservation, if this is no longer needed. If you fail to do so, you must hold the costs.
  • You are not accommodated from Friday night until Sunday morning.
  • You must empty the room upon departure.
  • If you haven´t received the confirmation by e-boks within a week before start of the course, please contact costumer service at 7914 0322.
Criteria for accommodation:
  • Employed – if you meets the conditions for VEU-compensation and the collected distance is more than 120 km to the school.
  • If your employer have ordered accommodation, you will receive the information in your e-boks.
  • Unemployed and assigned through 6 weeks education - the collected distance is more than 120 km to the school.
  • Unemployed and assigned through the Job Centre or the municipality – accommodation must be granted by your caseworker/job consultant/guidance counselor.
  • Private individual – then you do unfortunately not have the rights to any funds.